How to Fix Noice Problem in The Air Conditioner?

How to Fix The Noise Problem in The Air Conditioner ?

Today I am going to show you how to fix the noise problem in the air conditioner. As you can see we have this flowchart. We will go with this flowchart step by step.


How to Fix Noice Problem in The Air Conditioner?


Remove the Shipping Fittings from the Outdoor Unit

  • So first of all we have to check out the compressor side. 
  • After our air conditioner shipped,  there have a fitting of wood tighten with nuts & bolts in the legs of the outdoor unit.
  • Sometimes if you didn’t remove bolts from the outdoor unit, this is also a cause of noise problems in the air conditioner.
  • You should remove all those bolts.


Liquid Refrigerant Backing Up – Refrigerant Problem

  • The air conditioner gets icing over if the refrigerant level is low. whenever the thermostat cuts the supply to the outdoor unit, the ice starts breaking with ticking and banging noise.
  • Maybe have overcharged refrigerant in your air conditioner. Purge the refrigerant.
  • the next reason is “Low Suction Pressure”. Check both freon charging valves if completely open.
  • Check if the piping of the refrigerant is punched or choked.
  • The refrigeration cycle cannot be work if the pipe gets punched from somewhere.
  • The compressor may be overheated so that you can face a higher noise from the outdoor unit. check compressor.


Fan Motor Noisy

  • Sometimes bearing of the Fan Motor making a louder noise.
  • Check the Motor Bearing replace or change the motor.
  • Sometimes the body of your air conditioner making noise while fan speed is high.
  • Check if have somewhere loose in the case or the AC unit or screws are loose or removed.

Ducts Making Noise 

  • Sometimes the air duct is noisy.
  • You must check to lose in the ductwork.  
  • If you didn’t clean your duct for years of years,  the duct would be clogged. It would be also the cause of the Noice Problem. So ask for maintenance service a minimum of once a year. 



So, guys as I have shown above all the steps on how to fix the noise problem in the air conditioner, you can follow step by step to reach out the problem.

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