Outside AC Unit Not Turning On | [ 6 Common Problems ]

Outside AC Unit Not Turning On | [ 6 Common Problems ]

This is a big thing when the summer has comes and your air conditioner will not work. Now you don’t have to wait for coming an ac professional to help. It is not difficult to identify and repair many air-conditioning malfunctions.
The following testing process will help you to identify why outside ac unit not turning on. You can identify the problem of your outer unit is from the fan motor, Capacitor or Contactor. 
Here is some way to identify and fix your outside ac unit not turning on:

1. Temperature Control or Thermostat Problem 

If your air conditioner coil is upwards, then there may be a problem with temperature control or thermostat. This part monitors the air temperature of the room. If necessary, indicates the compressor to be started to start the cooling. 
Outside AC Unit Not Turning On | [ 6 Common Problems ]
There is a most common reason for outside ac unit not turning on. If we have a 30°C temperature sets in our air conditioner display and, our room’s temperature is below 30°C, then our outer unit will not be operational.

Always set the temperature of your air conditioner below from the temperature of the room. Then our thermostat will supply energy to the outer unit.
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The temperature control will have a sensor bulb. The sensor bulb is located near the evaporative coil. It helps to monitor the temperature of the air. If the temperature control is not working properly, then it can expect a compressor to last longer and cool down the room below the ideal temperature.

At this point, the evaporator cannot take heat from the room that takes coils on ice. This is especially common during the period of intense humidity. Check sensor bulbs for signs of damage such as crack or bent, and the correct placement within the evaporator coil system.
Attaching a complete video tutorial about Air Conditioner Repair. You can learn here how you can fix an AC outer unit watching the video.

2. Electronic Control Board Problem 

Outside AC Unit Not Turning On | [ 6 Common Problems ]If your outside ac unit not turning on and you have confirmed that the power source is good, then the problem may be the electronic control board. This portion is used almost all air conditioner units to help control various parts. An indication that the control board is not working, is not running the fan or compressor circuit.

Check the control board for a blown fuse. First to consult your user manual to make sure that your control board has an internal fuse. Replace your control board with the same specifications. Your problem of not starting an outer unit will fix. 

3. Contactor Problem

Is your outside ac unit not turning on? let’s check the contactor. Our air conditioner’s outer unit has a contactor. In it, 220 volts pass. The contactor passes 220 volts to the motor and compressor from it. If our PCB is supplying the Outer Unit, then we should check the contactor in our outer.

The work of the Contactor is to control the voltage. We need to check it by the multimeter.  If the Contactor gets worse, then it will not be able to throughout the voltage to fan motor and compressor. You cant repair it at home. To fix this issue, you need to change the contactor as the same specification. Your Air conditioner will work smoothly. 

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4. Weak or Open Starting capacitor

The most likely reason for your outside ac unit not turning on is due to a faulty Starting capacitor. If the Capacitor will be weak or open, the outside ac unit will not turn on. The reason for the weak or faulty capacitors will be the voltage fluctuation.

If there is a voltage problem in the house, your ac compressor won’t work smoothly. A low level of voltage will affect the compressor load and the capacitor will be weak or open.

To inspect a capacitor, remove the cabinet cover. Check it by the MFD meter or the signs of damage, and replace the capacitor when damaged. Make sure the specification must be the same as your air conditioner unit required.

5. Fan Motor Or Fan Blade Problem

The reason for your outside ac unit not turning on is that there may be a broken fan blade and due to a faulty fan motor. Fan capacitor is also a reason for the faulty motor. Check The capacitor for weak or damaged.

If the fan is moving slowly or not running at all, the compressor is not working enough and there is a danger for compressor health. Call the professionals immediately.

To reach the fan and fan motor, unplug the unit and remove the cabinet cover.  Try turning the motor manually To see it rotates smoothly. check the fan blade for the loose-fitting or broken. If everything looks normal, then the Fan motor may be faulty. it will need to be tested by a qualified technician.


6. Low level of Refrigerant in Yor Air Conditioner

Outside AC Unit Not Turning On | [ 6 Common Problems ]The air conditioner’s internal gas is necessary for the cooling process. because it absorbs heat from the inside of the room and thus leads to poor cooling. The only reason behind low levels of refrigerant is the presence of leakage somewhere. This is one of the reasons for your outside ac unit not turning on.

If there is a low level of refrigerant, PCB will sense it and will never throughout the supply to the outside unit. Iside PCB will show an error in the display, like” E6, or according to your air conditioner brand. Do not try to fix this issue at home. You can hire an ac professional In this situation.
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Hellow! Hope you guys are enjoying the post and fulfill the knowledge. There is almost complete information about Outer unit problems. If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask below the comment box. There you can comment on us using a Facebook profile. 
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