How to Fix E4 Error on Air Conditioner - Gree Inverter AC

How to Fix E4 Error on Air Conditioner – Gree Inverter AC


E4 error in Gree inverter AC indicating the compressor discharge temperature is high. The simple meaning is that if the e4 error will appear on your remote screen, it means your outdoor unit getting a high refrigerant pressor problem. 

If the outdoor unit detects that the discharge pipe of your air conditioner temperature is higher than the protective temperature value, the unit will report a high discharge pressor to your Main PCB. 

If the protection occurs continue 6 times also the error appears in the remote’s display,  the unit cannot be recovered automatically. Then you cant use the unit without turning off your main electric supply. Switch off the unit or re-energize the unit after cutting off power.



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  1. If there is a high discharge pressure Protection error in the display, maybe there is a high level of refrigerant in your AC unit.
  2. It also a cause of the E4 error that your discharge sensor is faulty. Check the resistance value of the sensor.
  3. you have to double-check for your liquid valve and gas valve to open completely.
  4. maybe the mainboard PCB of the outdoor unit is also faulty.

Flow Chart of Troubleshooting:

So basically the meaning of E4 error in gree inverter air conditioners means the discharge pressor is higher and we have to control it to back our unit in normal condition. Let’s see the flow chart so how we can troubleshoot the E4 error problem from our unit.

How to Fix E4 Error on Air Conditioner - Gree Inverter AC


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Updated: 26-Feb-2021




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