Gree Inverter AC Error Codes & CompeleteTroubleshooting Guide

Gree Inverter AC Error Codes & Compelete Troubleshooting Guide


Gree Air Conditioner now become a famous brand in the world. Now Gree launches solar system Air Conditioners in the market. currently, the running technology is Inverter Air Conditioner.

So in this post, we gonna talk about the Error Codes of the Gree Inverter Air Conditioner. As I am an employee of Gree, so I can give you genuine guidance about Gree AC Error Codes. Here is a complete list of Gree AC Error Codes with a complete troubleshooting guide.

Gree AC Error Codes E1, E2, E3, E4, E5, E6, E8, E9

E1 – High-Pressure Protection Problem

If there is an E1 error in your Gree Inverter Air Conditioner, it means your air conditioner facing a refrigerant high-pressure issue. Check the refrigerant level, condenser for blockage, and air flow of your outdoor unit.

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E2 – AC Freezing Problem (Icing over)

Sometimes we face the issue that our air conditioner freezes and icing over. Because of this sometimes you are facing noise issues when the ice breaks out. This problem comes due to less refrigerant, fan motor faulty, blockage in the cooling coil, filters, Blower, or condenser, etc.

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E3 – Low Level Of Refrigerant, Laking & Recycling Mode.

E3 error will appear on your remote display when your air conditioner leaks from somewhere and the refrigerant level becomes low. Sometimes air conditioner comes in a recycling mood or gets a leaking problem so that it will appear E3 error in the display.

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E4 – Compressor Discharge High-Temperature Protection.

When the outdoor unit gets a high discharge temperature the unit will report to the PCB mainboard. If this happened 6 times continuously, so your air conditioner unit will switch off automatically. now you have to re-energize it.

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E5 – Over Current or Voltage Fluctuating Problem.

When the E5 appears on our display it means your voltage is not stable. It only happens when your air conditioner working in the cooling or drying mood. After appears E5 error, your outdoor unit will turn off automatically. If the unit running in heating mode all the systems will stop working.

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E6 – Communication  Error Between Indoor to Outdoor.

E6 error will appear if the communication between the indoor to outdoor is not good or breaks. As you can see the indoor and outdoor units have a communication wire. check it for loose connection, broken, or burnout.

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E8 – Indoor Motor Problem or Indoor Main Board Faulty.

Sometimes the fan motor of the indoor unit stops working so the E8 error appears in the remote. Causes would be the loose connector of the fan motor, faulty fan motor, or the drive PCB board of the indoor unit is faulty.

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E9 – Indoor Unit Water Pump & Water Level Problem.

Mostly overflow of water level in the drain trey would be the cause of the E9 error in the Gree Inverter Air Conditioner. You also can check the loose connection or faulty motor of the water pump in the indoor unit.

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Gree AC Error Codes F0, F1, F2, F3, F4, F5

F0 –  Indoor Unit Embient Temprature Sensor.

If the ambient temperature sensor fault, your air conditioner will appear with an F0 error in the display. Check your ambient temperature sensor for 20k Ω. If the sensor is in an open, short, or weak conditioner then replace it.

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F1 – Indoor Unit Evaporator Tube Sensor.

Because of the Indoor unit tube sensor problem, an F1 error appears in the display. Check the tube sensor for 25K Ω. If the sensor is in an open, short, or weak condition then replace it with the new one. also, check the connector in PCB for a loose connection.

F2 – Condensor Tempreture Tube Sensor.

When the condenser temperature sensor stops working so we face the problem of an F2 error in our Gree Air Conditioner. You can check the sensor for loose connection, open, broken, or Burned condition. Also, check for 50K Ω using a multimeter. Replace it if the sensor is weak.

F3 – Outdoor Ambient Temperature Sensor.

F3 error appears in our remote when our outdoor ambient temperature sensor may be faulty. We can check it for 20k Ω if the sensor is weak replace it. You also can diagnose the sensor if it is in open, short, burn, or loose connection condition.

F4 – Compressor Discharge Pressor Tube Sensor Problem.

Check your Discharge Tube Sensor for 25k Ω. If the discharge tube sensor makes the problem, the F3 error will appear in the remote. so you can change it or check for open, short, burn, or weak conditions.

F5 – Wired Controlled Remote Control Problem.

If the wired controller temperature sensor detects an open, short, or loose circuit connection it will appear F5 Error on the display. You can replace the wired control remote control.


Gree Inverter Air Conditioner all  Error Codes

EE – Outdoor Main PCB Board Memory Chip Problem.

ee – Outdoor Drive Board Memory Chip problem.

H3 – Compressor Overload Protection Problem.

H4 – Overload Protection of Evaporator & Condensor.

H6 – Outdoor Units Fan motors Problem.

H7 – Compressor Motor Star Stop Continuously.

P0 – Drive Module Reset Problem.

P5 – Compressor Current Protection Problem.

P6 – Communication Error Between Main Board to Drive Board.

P7 – OFC IC Temperature Sensor Problem.

P8 – PFC IC Over-Temperature Problem.

U7 – 4-way Valve Problem.

PA – AC Current Protection from Input area.

PH – DC Busbar Over Voltage Problem.

PL – DC Busbar Under Voltage Problem.

PU – Charging Circuit Problem.

PP – Input AC Voltage Not Regular, AC Voltage Problem.

Lc – Compressor Not Starting up – Startup Failure.

Ld –  Phase Not Comming.

Pc – Current Sense Circuit Problem.

HC – PFC Protection.

Final Thoughts

So these are the errors of the Gree inverter air conditioners that I provided above. If you follow this troubleshooting guide given above, you’ll easily be able to solve your air conditioner issues in just a couple of minutes.

Hope it helps you well and that you took benefits from this blog. If you have any doubts or queries, feel free to comment below.


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Updated: august-2023


9 thoughts on “Gree Inverter AC Error Codes & Compelete Troubleshooting Guide

  1. No codes display but my indoor unit in cooling mode cannot maintain 75 degrees. When I set it on 77 my independent thermostat shows the room at 72° but if I move it up 1° to 78 the room then becomes 78°. I checked for grounding issues but ground is good. Both wires at panel show 118volts so I know there is nothing else drawing current (it is a dedicated circuit) what else can I do here?

  2. Hello, thanks for guide. Can you pls help me with the case when the display is totally blank? AC is working fine but the display of indoor unit is not working.

  3. hey, Rubab
    1] If you facing a blank display problem in your split type air conditioner, just check your remote if you press the key “LIGHT” or “DISPLAY” Key. so that your ca display is off.
    2) Maybe the display connecter is loose.
    3) Maybe PCB Damaged.

    ‘Call for technician’

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