How to Fix E6 Error Code Gree Inverter Air Conditioner -2021

How to Fix E6 Error Code Gree Inverter Air Conditioner – 2023

E6 error code Gree inverter AC indicating the communication between indoor to outdoor is failed. The simple meaning is that if the e6 error will appear on your remote controller, it means the communication wire or main PCB board is not connected in order.


Sometimes outdoor unit does not receive data from the indoor unit. In this condition, Communication malfunction reports to Main PCB. If there is a communication abnormality between the display board and the indoor unit, communication malfunction will be reported too.


Communication Malfunction Causes

  1. Broken or burned wiring is the most popular reason for the E6 error in the Gree inverter air conditioner.
  2. The wrong wiring connection is also a cause of the e6 error. You need to do connections in order.
  3. The air conditioner units do not match. (not the same model or same series)
  4. It is also a cause of the E6 error that the main PCB board in the outdoor unit is faulty.
  5. Another reason would be You didn’t energize the outdoor unit.


E6 Error Code Gree AC Troubleshooting

  • Make sure both of the units are in series or the same models.
  • Make sure to have Electric supplies in the outdoor unit also.
  • Test the communication wire using a multimeter if have continuity. ( make a joint on one side and test continuity from another side on both of the wires.
  • Connect the connector properly to the PCB board.
  • Change the Main PCB Board.


Flow Chart of Troubleshooting:

Let’s see the flow chart on how we can troubleshoot the E6 error problem from our unit.

How to Fix E6 Error Code Gree Inverter Air Conditioner -2021



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  1. I have a problem with resetting the main unit. The lost wifi connection can’t be repaired because on resetting the device there is no sound confirmation from the remote controller. Everything else works normally. A problem occurred after installing the new software version Reinstalling the older software versions doesn’t help.
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