Why my air conditioner consuming more electricity?

QuestionsWhy my air conditioner consuming more electricity?
admin Staff asked 2 years ago

i have Panasonic AC 1.5 ton 5 star in April it was consuming just 3 units maximum when use for 8 hours . But now in May it suddenly started consuming 8-11 units…. Even now I use it for 8 hours and between 24-28 degree as earlier . Registered complaint and technician visited 4 times and every time said AC is fine and it’s normal to consume 8 -11 units ?. I am in depression due to Panasonic!!!

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admin Staff answered 2 years ago

So there is no issue with your air conditioner if technicians are already diagnosed. But they didn’t guide you well…

  • So now first you have to understand that April didn’t have the same temperature as of now.
  • The compressor runs according to the heat surrounding the room. For example: If in April you used ac 8 hours, but because of the weather your ac compressor didn’t rut as long as now.
  • If before the compressor running 3_4 hours in your 8 hours duration, now the compressor will take 6_7 hours continuously. So automatically your air conditioner will increase to take more units.

How you can get some relief?

  1. Wash filter after every 2 weeks.
  2. Keep all the doors & windows closed while using the air conditioner.
  3. Do not use a ceiling fan (if have one) at the same time you use the air conditioner.
  4. Check if the area near your outdoor unit is enough to exhaust the heat properly.
  5. A minimum 1-meter distance is needed in front of the outdoor unit and minimum 1 foot from the backside of the unit.
  6. Check if the outer condenser coil, cooling coil, and air blower are dirty. Call a technician for an ac cleaning service.
  7. It will give a positive result if the top of the outer unit has a shade to save from direct.

That’s it. Comment below if have any related queries. Thanks